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Angel Hands is a ministry in our parish for parishioners who need temporary assistance with meals due to an illness, surgery recovery time, an accident, long term illness or to help out a care giver taking care of a loved one. Call Barbara Garvis 623-5220, Barb Carrodus 623-1680, /Doris Hickey 623-5794 or Pat Kohler 623-9499. Parishioners interested in receiving a meal are asked to contact any of the above phone numbers. Please do not hesitate to call for help when you need a helping hand!

The Kayla Ann Nicodemus Scholarship Endowment Fund
As a tribute to Kayla, the Kayla Nicodemus Endowment Fund was set up for graduating senior altar servers of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, who are continuing their schooling through higher education. Each qualifying graduate will equally share these scholarship funds.

The Nicodemus/Kaminski families will match dollar for dollar all donations up to $16,000. This is your opportunity to recognize our young boys and girls who faithfully serve at mass. All donors will be recognized by the Foundation for income tax purposes.

Contributions of any amount can be sent to:
Independent Catholic Foundation,
Kayla Nicodemus Endowment
P.O. Box 233
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648-0233

Or you can place your contribution in an envelope marked Kayla in the church collection. Make sure that your name and address is on the envelope so that you can be recognized.

Knowing Kayla, I am sure she will ask God to send special blessings on all the altar server recipients starting their higher education.

Thank you for the support you have shown Kayla,
The Nicodemus/Kaminski Families

Is anyone interested in becoming an Altar Server? It is open to students in grade 3 and older. Please call the rectory at 623-5526 a time will be set for training. I need someone or 2 to help with the training. Is anyone interested in a few hours of training? Please call the rectory also. Fr. Rich.

Pray for all priests, deacons and religious of our diocese, that their example of generous service might be an invitation to the young people of our diocese to commit their lives to the service of Christ and His Church.

See if you can give a charitable gift from your regular IRA or retirement fund without paying any taxes if you are 70 and ½ years old when you make the gift. Check with your tax advisor.

If you would like to be placed on the list of volunteers the Guild calls to make a dessert for funeral luncheons, please call the rectory. Thank you.

Anyone who volunteers or works with children in any capacity needs to have training through the Diocesan Virtus program. There are many training sessions available throughout the diocese. To register for a session log on to www.virtus.org go to Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown and pick a date and time that best suits you. If you do not have a computer, please call the Children and Youth Protection/Safe Environment Office at 814-693-9333. All paperwork for clearances and background checks will be handed out at the training session. The only thing you need to take with you is the names and addresses of three references. Once you have gone through the training your back ground checks and clearances are done every three years automatically. There are no exceptions, if you want to volunteer in any capacity, you MUST go through this training. Thank You.

Fr. Emmanuel Sackor
C/O SMA Fathers
23 Bliss Avenue
Tenefly, NJ 07670

Does anyone need help getting their food from the Bedford Food Pantry? If you do please call Mark at Hep’s Custom Cycles at 624-0006.

Fr. Dusza purchased Catechisms for every family in the parish. If you have not picked up your copy, you may do so at the rectory office.

“Unborn children do not have a voice, but they are young members of the human family. It is time to look at the unborn child and recognize that it is really a young human, who can feel pain and should be treated with care,” Senator Sam Brownback in support of the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.

Help our school get free items by saving labels from Campbell brands listed below. We need approximately 500 more labels in order to make a deposit for this school year. So far we have collected about 2,100 labels (We need 2,500 to make a deposit into our account). This will bring our grand total to approximately 12,000 labels. Please try to get all labels in by Sunday, April 23!!
Keep saving over the summer for the next school year:
All Campbell’s products, Swanson, Pace, Franco American, V-8, Prego, Pepperidge Farm. Thanks again for all your support throughout the school year!! Claire Yanoshak & St. Thomas Faculty

If you are making a donation, please make checks out to St. Thomas School and make the notation on the memo line SSTS (Save St. Thomas School). You will be credited for this donation as well as your regular contributions. Thank you for your help and support.

Is Your Child on a Sexual Predator’s Buddy List?
In order to send an instant message over the internet, the sender must know the recipient’s user name. Most programs ask for a user “profile,” which may contain specific personal information such as age, sex, interests, and other identifying information. It is important for children using the internet to be cautioned about what they reveal in such a profile. Instant messaging can be the perfect conduit for the sexual predator who can choose a child from the profiles based on characteristics he or she prefers in a victim. The real-time, private aspects of instant messages are perfect channels for perpetrators to meet unsuspecting children. Once the perpetrator adds them to his or her own buddy list, the predator knows when the child is online. The process of establishing a relationship and grooming the child for sexual activity has begun.
Children & Youth Protection and Advocacy Office, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown at 814-886-8250

Federal law governing the confidentiality of patient information (HIPPA PRIVACY RULE) does not permit the release of any patient’s names to anyone other than a member of the clergy such as a Priest, Minister or Rabbi. This means that the hospital and/or nursing home will no longer automatically notify the Church when you or a loved one is in the hospital and/or nursing home. YOU OR YOUR GUARDIAN MUST CALL THE CHURCH to let us know when illness strikes.

Abortion advocate, Sarah Blustain admits that: “Abortion is a right that ends in sorrow, not celebration. It’s not like women’s suffrage or the equal access to public accommodations, rights whose outcome is emotionally unambiguous. The choice of a legal abortion is no longer something to celebrate. It is a decision made in crisis, and it is never one made happily.”
PRAY that like the wise virgins we may fill our lamps with wisdom and knowledge that we may better defend the sacredness of all human life.

Teaching Touching Safety Program
PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN: All schools and religious education programs of the diocese are required to provide the instructional sessions for children and youth. The Diocese has chosen the Teaching Touching Safety Program to accomplish this. If a parent or guardian refuses to allow their child to be instructed, they must complete a written statement of that fact. The School or religious education program will provide instructional materials to those parents who refuse, with the hope that they will instruct their own child. Children and Youth Protection and Advocacy Office, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown

Adult Stem Cells Research
Researchers at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston have identified adult stem cells that may have the capacity to repair and regenerate into most tissue types in the body. “This is a very unique property that until this time had only been found in embryonic stem cells,” commented the head of the research team whose findings were published in the February 1 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
Catholic News Service.

PRAY: For all elected leaders, that they may justly use their God-given power to protect the weak and defenseless.

You may not realize it, but there is a disturbing connection between abortion and eating disorders. As Psychotherapist Dr. Theresa Burke states in her book, “Forbidden Grief,” “I have been repeatedly amazed by the intensity of feelings of grief, anger, rage and betrayal surrounding clients’ abortion experiences. I have also been deeply saddened to see how long women have carried these destructive feelings inside. Never to be shared, released or even recognized. In many cases, these repressed feelings are channeled into eating disorders.”
In a study conducted by the Eliot Institute, which analyzes the after-effects of abortion, 38.6% of the women involved in post-abortion counseling programs reported having bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating after their abortions. Burke writes, “Women generally feel trapped by their eating disorders – continually doing something they despise and detest. For many, this reenacts the experience of feeling trapped into choosing abortion.”
The link between abortion and eating disorders is yet further evidence that abortion is harmful to women, both physically and psychologically.
– Mary Vitale vitale@paprolife.org

Are on the shelf in the entrance of the Church. These include Breaking the DiVinci Code, How to Celebrate the Year of the Eucharist, and a bookmark of Pope Benedict XVI. The wooden boxes are for donations for the St. Vincent de Paul Society for the care of the needy. All literature is FREE.

REMINDER: Deadline for articles going into the Bulletin is Tuesday. Any articles in after the deadline will be published the following week. Thank you.

Tuition next year at St. Thomas School will be $1,000.00 for a St. Thomas student and $2,600.00 for a non-Catholic student. If you desire to sponsor a ½, or ¼ tuition, it would be greatly appreciated. Please call the School (623-8873) for details.

The Hollidaysburg Veterans Home (514 residents), is seeking volunteers to spend some time with our war torn veterans who have given so much to our country. We also need a volunteer seamstress to perform minor sewing and hemming. If you are interested, please call the volunteer Office at (814) 696-5371 or 696-5571.

Are alcohol and other drugs affecting your family life? Want to discover the light at the end of the tunnel? Come and experience 2 evenings with Sr. Fran Stein, R.SM. who has extensive experience helping people recover spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. This 2-part series held at these locations: Thursdays, 10/7 & 14 at Prince of Peace, Northern Cambria; Thursdays, 10/21 & 28 at St. John the Evangelist, Belefonte. All sessions are from 7:00pm, -9:00pm Sponsored by the Family Life Office – 814-886-5551. Cost is $10.00 each session. Reservations are necessary one week before the first session in each location. Make checks payable to “Family Life Office”, 5379 Portage St., Lilly, PA. 15937.

St. Thomas Council #1439 have provided “How to Pray the Rosary” including the new Mysteries of Light to be said on Thursdays during the week. The pamphlets are on the shelves in the back of the Church.

Our parish invites memorial donations for altar flowers. You may wish to memorialize a deceased loved one, commemorate an anniversary, etc. Your name and the intention will be included in the bulletin the weekend your flowers are placed on the altar. Call the monthly coordinator listed on the Flower Calendar in the back of the church for more information.

Please call the Rectory (623-5526) if you desire to have your house blessed.

Adult Basic Education
For over 19 years, Bedford County Literacy Council (BCLC) has offered Adult Basic Education to the region through volunteers. We currently have more adults wanting to learn to read or improve their math skills than volunteers available to work with them. Volunteering individually or as a group is great publicity for your business and a way for professionals to give back to the community. No experience is necessary. All you need is a few hours each month of your time and an open heart. The BCLC offers FREE tutor training, materials and on-going support. We currently have clients and small groups at all levels of education needing your help. We also have opportunities with mentally challenged adults and inmates at the Bedford Co. Jail. Call 839-4480 for more information. Pre-registration is required!

St. Thomas “Little Church” Greeting Cards are available at the Rectory and School Offices. Cost: $3.00 for 10 cards with envelopes.

If the answer is yes then the Vocation Office welcomes you to consider participating in the Fr. Demetrius Gallitzin Discernment Program. While pursuing an undergraduate degree at your college (St. Francis, Mount Aloysius, UPJ, Penn State, Juniata, Lock Haven). You work closely with the Director of Vocations in a flexible program that offers regular opportunities for prayer, Christian Service on/off campus, good food, and conversations on spirituality and fraternity. Each participant meets regularly with a priest/spiritual director. Participants may join the diocesan seminarians for retreats and other events. There is no charge for the program. You can reserve your spot for the 2005 Fall semester by contacting Fr. John D. Byrnes, Director of Vocations at (814) 472-5441 or by email at jbyrnes@dioceseaj.org

In the general societal context, the effects of sexual abuse are far reaching. A high percentage of the faithful are either directly or indirectly touched by sexual abuse. Those who have committed sexual crimes have assaulted the peace and dignity of us all. Sexual abuse robs victims of their sexual safety and security and for many their emotional well-being. Damage to spirituality is often severe. If you or someone you know has had such an experience as a child or youth with a member of the clergy or a church employee and has been unable to share that experience or to seek help, we encourage you to call the Children & Youth Protection and Advocacy Office, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown at 814-886-8250.

Mousetrapping on the Internet

The word “mousetrapping,” is an advertising practice where someone trying to leave one Web site is automatically forwarded to another site. Although this technology has legitimate uses, such as in e-shopping, internet predators have cashed in on the practice for their own purposes.
Mousetrapping can be a frightening experience for children who may be automatically forwarded to a site with page after page of sexually explicit content. A child may become so frightened that they resort to unplugging the computer to get rid of the objectionable material. Unless a parent or other adult has talked to the child in advance about safe internet usage, they may never reveal this experience and therefore remain vulnerable to future contacts by the unwanted site.
Children & Youth Protection and Advocacy Office, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown at 814-886-8250.

What happens with the money the Home-School association is raising? Let me start with the expense of running the school. It will be approximately $250,000.00 for the 2007/2008 school year. The formula is 50/50 – 50% from the parish; 50% from tuition and other sources. The money raised by the Home-School is part of the 50% of the non-parish money.

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING (NFP), a scientific method of regulating conception approved by the Catholic Church, is based on the awareness of a couple’s fertility and their selective abstinence. It can be used to achieve or postpone pregnancy. It is a helpful tool for infertile couples. Two methods of NFP are taught in our diocese: For the Sympto-Thermal method contact Rosemarie Kiesewetter of NFP of the Alleghenies at 814-946-3544; for the Billings Ovulation Method contact the diocesan Family Life Office at 814-886-5551; familylife@dioceseaj.org.

If your business (or employer) is subject to PA Corporate Net Income, Capital Stock & Franchise or Bank Shares taxes, it can earn hefty tax credits while providing scholarships to students attending our school. Businesses should be prepared to fax a one-page application form to DCED on Friday, June 30. Learn about the diocese’s Second Century Scholarship Fund and access links to official DCED guidelines and application by visiting www.SecondCenturyFund.org.

INACTIVE CATHOLICS: Baptized Catholics who have not been practicing their faith are most welcome to return to the Church. Please call the Rectory.

CHRISTIAN INITATION: This process sees to the needs of adults who wish to become Catholic. Catholics baptized as infants who have never received the sacraments of First Holy Communion or Confirmation are also invited to this process. Call the Rectory for details.

CARE OF THE SICK: Those confined to home due to illness or age should contact the rectory. Arrangements will be made to bring the Eucharist and if needed, the Sacrament of the Sick.

ENVELOPES: Regular use of envelopes provides a stable income for the parish and enables us to prepare a budget. A record of your contributions is kept and a statement will be mailed upon your request.

PROJECT RACHEL: Is a program of counseling, compassion, and healing for women & men who have been involved in an abortion. Call (814) 884-8000 or email ProjectRachael@dioceseaj.org

HURTING RELATIONSHIPS? Spouse to Spouse or Spouse to Child. Call (814) 535-6538.

BIRTHRIGHT Believes that every pregnant woman has the right ot give birth, and every child has the right to be born. Call 1-800-550-5900 or go to www.birthright.org

The Church allows cremation but the preferred option is with the body present in the church, the cremation taking place after the Mass, then the cremains must be buried. Keeping the ashes in the house or scattering the ashes are not in keeping with the traditional dignity accorded by the Church for the deceased.


For more information refer to this week's bulletin.

Our Lady of the Rosary Novena

O, dear disciple, Mary. Each bead tells a story; each decade reveals a mystery to contemplate. Nourished by your close encounter with your Son, Jesus, growing alike mind and heart. Teach us from the fruits of your encounter as we ponder the mysteries, learning how to be disciples. O, Mary exemplar disciple. Help us encounter your Son! Amen
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