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  Ban Dismemberment abortions in Alabama 


Dismemberment Abortions are common in the second trimester. This is a brutal method of killing unborn children by tearing them limb from limb. This MUST END. Dismemberment is as brutal, if not more so, than partial-birth abortion.'Forceps with sharp metal jaws are used to grasp parts of the developing baby, which are then twisted and torn away. This continues until the child bleeds to death and the entire body is removed from the womb. Because th baby's skill has often hardened to bone by this time, the skull must sometimes be compressed or crushed to facilitate removal.  


HB57 Alabama's Women's Health Safety Act HAS PASSED and has been SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR! Alabama Governor signs bill regulating “WebCam” abortions Apr 9, 2013, Gov. Bentley signs Pro-Life Women's Health Safety Act into law. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivy, Sponsors Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin and Sen. Scott Beason, and others. Abortion clinics must follow the same health and safety standards expected of legitimate medical centers.  

Victory! Alabama OPTS out of abortion funding mandated in Affordable Care Act / Obamacare, passed AL House with wide Bi-Partisan support: 76 FOR - only 28 Opposed. SB10 signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley! Please THANK Governor Bentley. Many Thanks to Sen. Greg Reed SB10 Sponsor, Sen. Jabo Wagoner Sen. Rules Chairman, Rep. Jim McClendon House Health Committee Chairman, Rep. Ed Henry House Lead Sponsor, House Rules Chairman Blaine Galigher and the Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Hubbard for a job WELL DONE!  

Alabama Pro-Life Legislative Day 2013!


Pain Capable Child Protection Act, with specific abortion documentation reporting, passed the Full AL Senate 26 to 5 on the last day of the 2011 session thanks to Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, Sen. Del Marsh Senate President Pro temp. and Lead Senate Sponsor Scott Beason, Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. YOUR calls and emails made the difference! This was the Only Abortion Clinic Regulation bill to pass in the 2011 session.  

Pictured left to right are Gene Fucci, Mike Duffy, Bill Klein, Cheryl Ciamarra, Kerry Rich, Paul Mrozinsky, and Walter Vandergrift. Knights of Columbus, Worldwide Catholic Fraternal Service Organization, sent its KOC Montgomery Honor Guard in full Regalia to support Alabama Citizens for Life yesterday. “We really appreciate their taking time to come stand with us for life, as we know many councils and assemblies are very busy with disaster relief across the state due to the recent tornado destruction.“ said Bill Klein, President of Alabama Citizens for Life.  

May 18, 2013: Fayette County Right to Life Directors, Marcus and Betty McDonald and special speaker Jacquie Stalnaker, national spokesperson for Silent No More Awareness.  

Marion County Booth

Marion County Booth

Fayette County Booth


Alabama Senator Hank Erwin spoke at the benefit concert for pregnancy centers in North Alabama on Saturday, May 10, at New Life Fellowship of Winfield, AL. Erwin's willingness to travel and take a stand for the unborn and the aged is well known. Pure Heart and the Kennedy Family Singers performed at the concert. The Fayette County Right to Life thanks everyone for their generosity. Shown with Erwin (far right) are Marcus and Betty McDonald of Fayette County Right to Life.



Cemetery Of Innocents
Huntington College, Montgomery Alabama
Each cross represents 50 pre-borns killed each day in the United States through abortion.

Mobile's Memorial to Unborn Victims of Abortion
Fr. Paul Halladay, Assoc. Pastor of St. Ignatius Catholic Church, dedicated the Alabama Citizens for Life, Memorial to the unborn Alabama children killed by Abortion, at Pine Crest Cemetary, Mobile, AL on Jan. 26, 2003.


Abortion Stops a Beating Heart
Sign that stands with the crosses at the Cemetery of Innocents

Fayette County Right to Life 2012 Life Chain Directors, Marcus and Betty McDonald


Bob Faust and Cheryl Ciamarra at the Pro-Life Legislative Day rally 2011 in Montgomery, AL

January 21, 2012 2 Botched Abortions in Birmingham AL, TWO young teenage girls 14-16 Overdosed at the same time, one carried out unconscious the other bounced down steps in a wheelchair. Women deserve better than this... Support Women's Health Safety Act for AL



Pro-Life Quote by Thomas Jefferson

"The first and only legitimate object of good government is the care of human life, not its destruction." - Thomas Jefferson to the Citizens of Washington County, Maryland, March 3, 1809
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