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January 22, 1973: The Supreme Court makes abortion legal through all stages of pregnancy for any reason.
On the same day, the Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade basically said that they could not determine when a preborn became a human being or a person - ignoring evidence of biological and sociological sciences and even our English language. And so they stripped the preborn's right to life.

The Supreme Court decision in Doe v Bolton basically legalized abortion through all stages of pregnancy, including grueling partial birth abortion - all on the basis of 'mother's health' - interpreted freely to include the inconvenience of the mother!

In 1978, Alabama Citizens for Life (ACL) began lobbying for Pro-Life Legislation.
• 1987 Parental Notification and Consent Law Enacted
• 1997 Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act / Ban abortion on Post-Viable Babies
• 2002 Womens Right to Know, Informed Consent with 24 hr waiting Period
• 2002 Choose Life Tag thru DMV
• 2006 Unborn Victims of Violence Act including provisions for Court to appoint “Guardian” legal counsel to unborn
• 2010 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Bans Abortions after 19 weeks

Alabama Abortions Decline by 50% Since Peaking to 20,780 in 1980
Pro-Life efforts saved 201,639 babies lives over last 30 years!
Between 1973 and 1979, 68,470 abortions were reported to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). Abortions peaked in 1980 at 28,500 reported abortions.

Print Alabama Abortion Statistics

2011: Abortions by Age of Woman
6 12-year olds, 13 13-year olds,
47 14-year olds had an abortion in Alabama last year!

2011: Abortions by Age of Preborn
138 Preborns between 19 and 23 weeks old were killed last year in Alabama! These innocent little ones could hear and could make a fist but had no way to fend for themselves.Thankfully, AL passed Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act limiting abortions after 19 weeks to only rare circumstances

2011: Abortions by Race
African Americans make up 27% of the population of Alabama according to the U.S. 2010 Census. Sadly 58.4% of abortions committed in Alabama in 2011 were repoted to be of the African American race!

2011: Abortions by Previous Live Births & Previous Abortions
In 2011, 3,479 of the women had had an abortion previously: Sadly some woman are using abortion as their method of birth control! ...

2011: Abortions by Marital Status
89% of the women who had an abortion in Alabama in 2011 were not married.

2011: Abortions by Education
84% of the women having an abortion in AlabamA in 2011 had graduated from high school.

2011: Abortions by Consent for Girls Under 18
The Parental Notification and Consent Law was enacted in 1987.

You can find a 3 page printable file of the above statistics at the Alabama Department of Public Health website.

Pro-Life Quote by Thomas Jefferson

"The first and only legitimate object of good government is the care of human life, not its destruction." - Thomas Jefferson to the Citizens of Washington County, Maryland, March 3, 1809
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