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March for Life 2017

Join Us for the 44th March for Life Friday, January 27!

__We Ask Congress to Overturn Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton_

The Supreme Court legalized abortion through all stages of pregnancies for any reason on January 22, 1973. The March for Life takes place on the anniversary of the Supreme Court decisions except when the 22nd falls on a weekend when Congress is not in session.

Buses for the Washington, D.C. March for Life
from Allegheny County

ASPINWALL/GLENSHAW (Youth Rally) St Scholastica
M Scanlon: 781-6550

BELLEVUE – Knight of Columbus
Charles Helmstetter: 716-2789

BETHEL PARK – St Thomas More
Carolyn Martin: 257-0780 (Two buses – one Youth Rally)

BRIDGEVILLE – Vineyard Church
Tim Cameron: 221-1881/983-1846

Kathy Raimondi: 344-9690

CORAOPOLIS – Our Lady Sacred Heart
Dan Montgomery: 264-5140

FRANKLIN PARK – Sts John & Paul
Donna Lopus: 724-934-6446

GIBSONIA – St Richard
Taylor Foley: 724-444-1971

Pat Clark: 761-3897 / 596-5156

MONROEVILLE – St Bernadette
Sue Knechtel: 370-0181

MONROEVILLE (Youth Rally) – St Bernadette
L. Gates 373-0500 x216

MT LEBANON – St. Bernard
Phil Brown: 343-0485 /874-9955

MUNHALL – St. Therese
Celeste Palcsey: 672-6222

NORTH HILLS – St Sebastian
Dot Lydic: 301-0420

Dianne Machesney: 366-7869

NORTH HILLS (Youth Rally) – Vincentio Academy
J Apple: 724-822-5431

NORTH SIDE – St. Boniface
Jeff Reynolds: 608-5024

PLEASANT HILLS (Youth Rally) – St Elizabeth
Carol DeFazio: 653-1794

ROBINSON – Holy Trinity
Helen Stamatakis: 480-2908

SCOTT TWP – Our Lady of Grace
Jeff Snyder: 279-7070

John Bunce: 741-1050

SEWICKLEY – Christ Church Grove Farm
Pastor Barry: 741-4900 x115

UPPER ST CLAIR – St Louise DeMarillac
Jim Kohler: 512-3193

VERONA – St Joseph
Joyce Doyle: 795-5114

WEXFORD – St. Alexis
Claudia Berthold: 724-799-5904

WHITEHALL – St Gabriel
Sue O’Keefe: 881-2787

WILDWOOD – Acquinas Academy
Leslie Mitros: 724-444-0722

Please Join Us!

Abraham Lincoln

"I'm a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, the people can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts."
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