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Life Chain Sunday October 1st

Flyer at www.prolifecentrecounty.org/lifechain

Welcome to our website!

It is our hope that by providing you with the facts you will become passionate about the pro-life cause and help overcome the Culture of Death that has shadowed our country.

Citizens Concerned for Human Life, Inc. (CCHL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational organization dedicated to educating and upholding the truth about abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research. CCHL is composed of chapters made up of persons of all ages, sexes, races, and cultural backgrounds. CCHL, Inc., is an affiliate of the PA Pro-Life Federation & the National Right to Life Committee.

CCHL is an affiliate of
PA Pro-Life Federation
National Right to Life Committee

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It is scientifically incontrovertible fact that a human person exists from the moment of fertilization in the mother's womb and does not receive another cell from his mother's body. He or she is genetically complete, unique, and cannot be duplicated. All of the characteristics that person will have as an adult are already determined, including eye color, skin pigmentation, sex and intelligence potential. With nourishment and time, the new individual life will develop from the instant of fertilization through childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age, to natural death.

It is very important to know
what pro-life legislation
your representatives
have or have not

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The Right To Life

The right to life is the fundamental right of every human being upon which all other rights are contingent.

A system of relative values for human life poses a grave public threat as has been shown by the history of mankind.
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