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Abortion Articles

Want some good information on abortion? Check out these articles! Most are by our President, Dr. Raymond Adamek, Emeritus Professor of Sociology.

Ten Reasons Why Tax Money Should Not Go to Planned Parenthood

Incidence of Induced Abortion in the United States

Abortion in Ohio, 2012

Public Opinion on Late-term Abortion

Abortion Facts

Legal Abortion Harms Women

Legal Abortion: Protecting Women's Reproductive Health?

Botched Abortion Report

Pro Choice Slogans: A Critique

Roe vs. Wade: A Bad Decision Yields Terrible Consequences

Roe vs. Wade: A Faulty Legal Decision


The U.S. Supreme Court on Abortion

MAAFA 21: Eugenics, Planned Parenthood and abortion's impact on the African-American Community

Impact of Abortion on African American Community

Should Abortion Be Considered On An Equal Basis With Other Issues When Voting?

Comparing Abortion and Slavery

Late Term Abortion and the “Dreaded Complication.”

from Mother Teresa

"God does not demand that I be successful. God demands that I be faithful. When facing God, results are not important. Faithfulness is what is important."
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