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Tammy's Corner

A Place for You to Find a Wellspring of Blessing

Ever have a place of solitude where you can just think and dream and talk over with the Lord your own thoughts and feelings? This is my corner. I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and passion for the lives of God's children.

I often get asked the question, "What made you form Wellspring?" The same stirring rises from my heart every time and immediately I want to say, "Because God called me to." But I know that to make it sound THAT simple is hard for some people to understand. So, in my corner, I want to start at the beginning and tell you why Wellspring is here.

I moved with my husband and children to the rural area of Adena in 1998. I was raised in this area but had moved closer to the steel mill my father had worked in when I was in second grade. For many years my one heart's plea to the Lord was for me to 'go back home'.
God is good and after nearly 35 years he brought me home. I could feel a stirring in my heart that I would serve the Lord in a type of ministry. I could say so much but really just want you to know about the vision God gave me for Wellspring because, you see, Wellspring belongs to the Lord God. I am only his vessel and I seek to be a vessel of honor for him.
God began to show me the needs of our area. I live near other counties and I could see many needs of little ones, young families & the needs of people.

I seen hungry people, babies who didn't have the clothing they needed, children who didn't have blankets to warm them in cold weather. I seen the destitution of young women who had no crises pregnancy center to come to for help with their unplanned pregnancies. I seen desperation.

Because I had volunteered and directed at a cpc in another city years before and had a cpc in a church in a rural town also years ago I knew it could happen here.

It wasn't that I couldn't do it...the most important part of a relationship with the Lord is hearing Him. I love to listen to the heartbeat of God. I want his mind and heart in every part of my life and know that this is critical in any ministry. If the Lord hasn't called it then it is a work of flesh, only a good work.

God put the stirring in my heart, and I waited, and I listened. It's like sitting in a theatre watching the stage get set for a play. I know it takes time. And I know it takes assembling and without this part first the play would not take place.

I did not attempt to arrange, plan or devise how I thought the crises pregnancy center should be. I have total trust in the one who has led me for over 44 years now.
God gave me a dream in the summer of 2003. It was the beginning of Wellspring. He had made all the prearrangements and was now ready!

I dreamed that I was in an old two story home with a few other women who was with me and we were talking with the lady who lived there. I remember that we were standing in the middle of a big room talking. A room I could see off to the side was a bedroom. There was a baby in a crib. While those I was with was talking with this lady I was very distracted by this baby in the crib. He was crawling all over the crib and it seemed I was the only one who was watching him. He would raise up and peer down over the rails then bounce to and fro. Then, as I looked in one time, the baby was pulling himself up over the railing and I knew he was going to fall out. I immediately dashed into the room with my arms outstretched and just got there in time to catch him. I woke up and I knew it was time.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "It will be called Wellspring, Psalm 84:6." It was just like that and it was the birth of Wellspring. Since then many signs and wonders have happened in the formation of Wellspring Pregnancy Center. We help to clothe over 70 to 100 infants & childen per month and help with pregnancy testing and whatever else is needed. Our heart is to minister to people, God's people. Each one is precious, no matter how small or big. I opened Wellspring in December of 2003.

My corner will be about my thoughts but I would like your thoughts. Has God given you a dream? Have you felt that stirring that only He can put into your spirit? Want to talk about it? Just email me at wellspringpregnancycenter@yahoo.com. Everyone has a corner.

Matthew 25:40

Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.
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