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I have a great story to tell you!

Isn't it wonderful when you KNOW it is Providence!

Last Monday evening, August 9, 2010, we had friends over for supper when we heard a knock at the door. A girl in her 30’s asked me if she could put up her tent in our yard to stay the night. This was a first and I told her to wait and I would check. My husband came out to meet her, said “yes” and invited her in.

She was French and an interesting conversation followed during which someone asked her where she was walking to. She was on a pilgrimage to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mary pregnant with Jesus) in Mexico. She had come from France to visit friends in Quebec City - from there she walks 20 miles or so each day, praying for the preborn!

At the end of each day Our Lord tells her where to stay. She had actually passed our home, which really is in the middle of nowhere, when Our Lord told her to go back to our house! We were all amazed and knew absolutely that this was the hand of Providence, that we were to meet her and take care of her.

We invited her to supper and afterwards I offered a shower, to wash her clothes, and for her to stay overnight – all of which she did with great appreciation. I showed her our web site and gave her our flyer and told her that I have a crisis pregnancy center.

I had been asking the Lord to send me intercessors and God has sent me a very special walking intercessor. Please pray for our ministry and if you would like to follow Anne-Marie Michel on her prayerful journey, you can visit her website quebecmexico.over-blog.com.

Wasn't that a great story!

Matthew 25:40

Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.
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