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March for Life 2017

Join Us for the 44th March for Life Friday, January 27!

__We Ask Congress to Overturn Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton_

The Supreme Court legalized abortion through all stages of pregnancies for any reason on January 22, 1973. The March for Life takes place on the anniversary of the Supreme Court decisions except when the 22nd falls on a weekend when Congress is not in session.

Buses for the Washington, D.C. March for Life
from Westmoreland County

EXPORT Cornerstone Ministries
Amy Nyiri: 724-733-0070 x216

P Whalen: 724-836-3096 / 531-7827

LATROBE Holy Family
Shari Lewis: 724-689-8967

LATROBE St Vincent College
Ben Watt: 724-244-7696

LATROBE St Vincent Seminary
Brother Mathew Lambert: 724-532-6653

MURRYSVILLE Mother of Sorrows
Peg Miller: 724-327-3903

G Pecoraro: 724-335-8212 / 337-1030

Susan Cheplic: 412-216-6812

Please Join Us!

A Prayer for our Hearts

Your Word teaches that where our treasure is, there our heart shall be. Your Gospel enlightens us that you are love, that when we live in love, we live in you.

Teach us to treasure your love, O God. Help us to live from our energetic hearts. Give us the courage to fall in love with you. Show us how to love ourselves, our families, our friends, and even those we do not like or understand. Help us to make room in our hearts for the stranger and those most in need.

Warm our frozen hearts, direct our searching hearts, and heal our broken hearts with your perfect love. Lead us to love, which is our true destiny. On this day and every day make our hearts one with yours.
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