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Special Reports

York PHL Board of Directors

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is looking to see more activity by Compassion and Choices, the permit euthanasia international organization that is pushing to have euthanasia legalized internationally. And it could be that Pennsylvania will play a key role in their efforts to do so. internationally. It is most important that we begin to call the attention of the public to these two issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide which may have a greater appeal to the general public protect the United States considering the health care rationing which will be brought on by Obama care It is anticipated that Pennsylvania could play key role in the upcoming litigation since Atty. Gen. came involved in the death of her father. Regarding assisted suicide and the s hip since it is incumbent on all of us to be sure that the general public has all the information in the and manually date.

The initial meeting of the York County Chapter Pennsylvanians for Human Life to establish a Board of Directors was held on Saturday, July 20, 2013 at St. Joseph Church in York PA. This was the first of several strategic planning meetings to determine the course of action the group will take in addressing the major life issues of our times in keeping with its mission statement.

They're Disappearing Right Before Your Eyes


Yes, the abortion president, the lying president, the un-american president, the president who would bend constitutional law this way and that to achieve his agenda, along with the Democratic leaders in Congress and most of the Democraatic Party who could care less about the future of our great country, are actually stripping us of our Constitutional rights!

This is outrageous. We simply cannot allow this to happen. If you're still sitting on the sideline, it's time to get off the bench and into the game. UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL.


A short while ago, Planned Parenthood removed their vulgar, promiscuity provoking teen web site, takecaredownthere.org due to the outrage that was expressed by the general public.

Recently I wondered if they would 'let the smoke clear' and bring it up again. Sure enough this garbage is back.

They are seriously attacking the moral values of our country through our children.

It is imperative that you visit this site while it is still up and find out for yourself just how irresponsible the really are, especially if your have teens or young children.

And bear in mind that we subsidize this outfit with our tax dollars to the tune of approximately $300 million dollars/year in the form of contracts and grants. Let your legislators know that we do not want our tax dollars funding such an organization.


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