Of The Pro-Life Movement
Our Lady of

"one who crushes the serpent"

Patroness of the Unborn Child
St Theresa of
the Infant Jesus

"The Little Flower"

Patroness of Missionaries
Gianna Molla

"Yes, my children need me, but I am essential to my unborn."

Patroness of the Unborn Child
St. Louis Marie De Montfort

"Prophesied that an army of souls consecrated to Mary will be Her instrument in defeating the Devil"

Patron of Total Consecration to Mary
Saint Michael
the Archangel

"Defender of
the Church"
"Patron of the Soldier"

Patron against Temptation and Patron of Security Forces
St Elizabeth

"... the child in my womb leapt for joy." Luke 1:44

Patroness of Pregnant Women
St Maximilian Kolbe

"Knight of Our Lady and the Most Blessed Sacrament"

Patron of the
Pro-Life Movement
St Joseph

"Defender of the Church"
"Provider of the Family"

Patron of
Expectant Mothers and the Dying
St Gerard Majella

"Wonder Worker"

Patron of the
Pro-Life Movement
Blessed Miguel Pro

"Mexican Martyr"

Patron of Catholic Pro-Life Action
St John Eudes

"Founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity who worked for the welfare of penitent women"

Patron of Devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary & Holy Trinity

Saint Faustina

"The Apostle of God's DIVINE MERCY"

Patron for Women in Distress & Crisis Pregnancy Centers
St Juan Diego

"Visionary chosen by Our Lady of Guadalupe"

Patron of Faithful Laity