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Our Projects to Save the Babies & the Moms! ~ Our Sponsors

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Bedford County is a great county for women and their unborn children. Only around two dozen Bedford County women a year resort to abortion. This makes the goal of being a county where no woman feels she must resort to an abortion very realistic and within reach.

Our main objective is education. When someone realizes what abortion really is and when they find out that the preborn is not a blob of tissue but a real human being they cannot help but be pro-life.

We have many educational efforts:

We donate around $400 towards the Central PA CCHL Region's Oratory and Essay Contests for students each year. Studies show that the teen years are the years that people form their minds about life issues. What a huge opportunity we have to encourage students to research life issues as they partake in these contests. The top Oratory contest winners speak at our dinners in preparation for states!

Our prolife dinner is held in the spring and we have been fortunate to have very knowledgeable speakers. With your support we hope to continue to do so. We have prolife literature available and displays on the life issues of our times.

We also set up our literature table at the Bedford County Fair, Walk for Life, and Fall Festival. We have bumper stickers and yard signs available - 2 very effective ways to get our pro-life message out. The fetal models that we hand out have saved one baby's life that we know of - maybe more!

We tithe at least 10% of our receipts to www.teenbreaks.com. EVERY DAY girls change their mind about having an abortion when they Google "abortion" or "teen pregnancy" and get teenbreaks.com instead of an abortion mill's website. The Rosetta Foundation spends $400 every day on Google Ads in an effort to be listed first in Google. They run out of funds around 1:00 in the afternoon on school days. Our contribution helps them be available a little longer. This is our most effective way of saving the babies.

At election time, we distribute around 5,000 voter guides letting people know candidate's stand on life issues. It is so important that we "QUALIFY" every candidate for every office. The Declaration of Independence states that all men have the "inalienable right to life" and the word "men" has always meant all human beings. It is a scientific fact that the fetus and the embryo are human beings. So, any candidate who does not believe in the right to life of the preborn is simply not qualified to hold public office that stands on the foundation of the Declaration of Independence. Remember that President Obama was elected to a lower level office in order to run for president.

Letters to the Editor are the favorite section of newspapers. We must look at the election of President Obama as an opportunity to speak up for life as his administration continuously tears down the rights of the preborn and the protections of their mothers and the health professionals who take care of them.

The media is very slanted against our prolife cause.
The harm that abortion does to women and men gets no mention.
The continual successes of adult stem cell research and treatments go unnoticed.
The breaking of news of how ordinary skin cells have been induced to become stem cells that have the capability of turning into any cell in the body is ignored.
The fact that embryonic stem cell research is riddled with rejection problems and has resulted only in tumors, mostly cancerous, after 25 years and billions of dollars is hidden.
How euthanasia is creeping into our society is touted as mercy killing.
We hope that our newsletter will keep you informed as to what is really happening in the life issues arena. Please send us your email address so that we can email you our newsletter and save on postage, our biggest budget item - 1300 people on our mailing list times 42 cents is $546 for one newsletter and that is just the postage.

We also have a baby bottle fundraiser every year to help support our local pregnancy help center, Precious Life, and the HOPE Crisis Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia. HOPE Center is a beacon of light in area that has 16 abortion clinics in its 2-mile radius! We buy the baby bottles and distribute them to Bedford County churches. Precious Life received over $1,300 and the HOPE Center received over $4,000 in our first baby bottle fundraiser in 2008. We hand out the bottles on Mother's Day or the weekend or two afterwards and collect them on Father's Day. Area businesses have generously donated door prize items as an incentive to people to get the baby bottles back in time for the drawing. If your church would like to participate or if your business would like to donate a door prize, please call Jan at 623-1314.

Our projects are supported totally by your donations. Please donate to our cause and know that every cent will go towards one of our projects. We are all volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to work on any of our projects, please call Doug at 623-6887.


$300: Chestnut Ridge Independent Fellowship Church
Art & Paula Halvorson
Blair County Citizens Concerned for Human Life
Breezewood Community Church
Cambria/Somerset Citizens Concerned for Human Life
Chuck Slick & Mary Ann Hess
Doug & Camie Braendel
Forrest & Pam Lucas
Jerry & Marla Smith
Mark & Susan Thomas
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church


$170: Father Donald Dusza
$150: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
Bedford Church of the Brethren
CPAT PAC, Pat Toomey Chairman
County Commissioner Barry & Sharon Dallara
Dr. & Mrs. David B. Crandall
Horne Methodist Church
John & Ruth Topper
JR & Liz Winck
Karen L. Brown
Kim Donaldson, Bubbling Springs Childbirth
Rev Gary & Jean Boor
Ron & Anna Britner
Sandy & Al Morgart
St. Anthony of Padua Church
State Representative Jesse Topper
Structural Fiberglass, Inc
Your Congressman Bill Shuster


Barb & Bob O'Brien
Centre County Citizens Concerned for Human Life
County Commissioner Josh Lang
Esh's Storage Barns
Fishertown Community Bible Church
Jim & Ellen Bradley
Joseph & Robyn Fogle
Karl & Kathy Wenger
State Representative Carl Walker Metzgar
State Senator John Wozniak


Baker's Body Center, Inc.
County Commissioner Paul Crooks
Creighton Web Services
Ed Davis Construction & Remodeling
John and Barb Thomas
Melissa Cottle, County Treasurer
Ned and Lee Frear
Peg Wachter
Saundra Thomas

Abraham Lincoln

"To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men!"
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