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  Baby in the Womb 

  These are some of my favorite pictures. I just think they are awesome!  

Immediately upon fertilization your little one is set as a boy or a girl. This one cell has the DNA that not only tells who Mom and Dad are but the DNA that tells your of your child's special traits, such as the formula for his or her fingerprints.

Follow the development of your baby from the moment of fertilization through Week 14:
Fetal Development - 1st Trimester

6 Week Old Fetus in Embryo Sac ________________________________

Fetus at 8th Week ________________________________

Feet at 10 weeks in Development ________________________________

18 Weeks Old in the Womb

Follow the development of your baby during the 2nd Trimester: Fetal Development - 2nd Trimester ________________________________

3 months in Development ________________________________

5 Months Old - 20 to 23 Weeks ________________________________

7 to 8 Months Old in the Womb WAITING! HOPING!

Follow the development of your baby during the 3rd Trimester: Fetal Development - 3rd Trimester

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